The Grids

The grids form a key part of the Formgrids system. A grid usually represents a race result for a horse and is colour coded to make it easy to see at a glance the place the horse achieved in that race.

Here is a diagram showing the colours used to show the places:


Diagram showing the grid colours for the first five places in a race result

Screen print showing the grids in a race result

Diagram showing the grids in a race result

Each grid contains additional information useful to analysing a race. You may choose what information is displayed in a grid.

Race Code The code for the race. The first two characters reveal the venue code.
Track Abreviation of the venue name (track) plus the surface the race was run on.
Date The month and day of the race.
Sequence No. Sequence No. (short for race sequence number) is a number that indicates the order in which the races were run prior to the race and after the race (for Results and LBH)
Distance The race distance, usually in metres.
Merit Rating The rating of the horse as calculated and assigned by the applicable racing authority.
Weight The weight carried by the horse. The jockey plus additional weights.
Weight Diff The weight difference between each of the races.
Position The finish position attained by the horse in that race.
Going The conditions of the track. Includes "soft", "very soft", etc.
LBH The Length Behind the winner.
Draw The draw number for the starting gate drawn for the horse.
Formline % A percentage value calculated for the strength of the formline.
Speed The speed at which the horse ran that race. For more info see Grid info: Speed.
Time The time it took for the horse to complete the distance of that race.
Prize The total prize money for that race.
Blank The grid show no info.


Created: 2015-02-10 Revised: 2023-03-27