Glossary of Equipment

The following table lists the meanings of the "Equip" column of info for a horse.

A Alumites aka "Horse Shoes," are aluminum plates that help your horse acquire traction on all track surfaces.
B Blinkers aka "Masks," are side-shields that help a horse focus on what's in front of them. Also known as "tunnel-vision," this type of head gear dis-allows the horse to see to the sides of him/her. This is beneficial to the horse, in that he/she will not become timid or spooked when they see another horse running beside them.
C Cheek Pieces Strips of sheepskin that are attached to the side of a horse’s bridle. They partially obscure a horse’s rear vision, with the aim of getting the horse to concentrate on racing.
G Surgical shoes These are essentially corrective, orthopaedic, pathological, remedial, surgical and therapeutic shoes.
K Cornell collar The purpose of the Cornell Collar is to aid in preventing intermittent dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSP) during high-speed exercise. DDSP is a condition not uncommon in racehorses and causes upper airway obstruction and poor performance. This is a non-surgical solution for DDSP.
P Pacifiers Pacifiers are similar to blinkers however the eyes are entirely covered by mesh, offering restricted vision. Pacifiers were originally invented with a view to preventing eye injuries from flying debris in a race, however they were quickly found to help many horses stay more settled.
S Steel shoes
T Tongue Tied A tongue-tie is usually a piece of nylon which is looped around a horse's tongue and then tied to the lower jaw in order to hold the tongue in place. Used to prevent a horse from getting the tongue over the bit or it may be used as an attempt to prevent some respiratory issues.
U Unshod


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