An overview of Formgrids

Formgrids presents horse racing information in a unique colour-coded grid format. This aides Formgrids' users to gain valuable insight into key information in far less time than is possible in any other way. While the basic horse racing information is the same as other horse racing information products, Formgrids makes a point of taking the information and with some clever processing presenting this information in highly useful ways.

Shortened study time and ease of use are some of the important features of Formgrids.

Formgrids' unique method of presentation allows the Formgrids users to easily see formlines. While "formlines" are not unique to Formgrids, the method of making it easy for users to find and spot them is.

It is not only formlines that are available to the user of Formgrids. Tools that are available on Formgrids include:

  1. The Watchlist
  2. Bet Saver
  3. Note Keeper
  4. Length Behind Tool

Formgrids is free to use.


Created: 2015-02-05 Revised: 2021-07-18