Formline Finder

The Formline Finder is a tool to help find formlines.

The Formline Finder tool can be accessed and used in two ways:

Formline Finder from Top Menu

Accessing the Formline Finder from the top menu

This is the generalised way to use the tool. The search is not restricted to a particular card or result.

In this case the report excludes the source information.

However, the search can be refined by selecting a particular country from the Navigation Bar.

Formline Finder from a Racecard or a Result

Starting the Formline Finder from a racecard or a result (using the green menu) restricts the search to the horses in that Racecard or that Result. Only horses in that card or result are are included and you will find them listed in the Form source data column.

Using the Formline Finder Toolbar

Formline Finder Toolbar

Sort by: How the output is sequenced. Can be in date order or number of wins found or the percentage (%). Any of these can be in ascending or descending sequence. A good choice is "% (descending)" to get the top formlines at the top.
Going back: The number of months to search back from. A higher month value will take longer but can also return "formlines" that are false. A good choice is "3 months".
Formlines: The purists believe that only the "immediate" formlines are valuable. The "immediate" formlines refers to the column of grids that immediately follow the race identified. "Subsequent" refers to the grids to the right of "immediate". But you can have the system search for "Immediate only" or "Immediate plus subsequent".

Difference between immediate and subsequent formlines

Place: This gives you the choice of whether the system should use "Wins only" or include both wins and 2nd placed horses in the search "Wins & 2nds". Purists would go with "Wins only". But we give you a choice.

How to read the output

The output lists all races found that have a formline. The display is divided into two parts:


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