Length Behind Tool

The Length Behind Tool is only available to Pro users.

The LBH Tool provides the user a means to compare horses from different races. For example, compare horses that have not run in the same race.

For this tool to make sense it only compares races:

The LBH Tool can be accessed in two ways:


This tool, while very powerful, has some limitations:

The LBH Viewer

The Formgrids Length Behind Tool

The LBH Tool Bar: The user may set a few simple options to change the output. Here are a few tips:
  • Surface: Restrict the display to only a particular surface, e.g. Polytrack.
  • Position: Select to show only a particular position, e.g. "1" for "First".
  • Gate: Select to show only a particular gate, e.g. "2" for "Gate 2".
  • Go button: After making any change click this button to recreate the report.
  • New LBH" button: Click to reset and open "Track", "Date" and "Distance" selections. In other words: start a new report.
The Green Menu Set the Grid options. Similar to the way it is done in the Results and the "Racecards".
The Grids: The grids display. Similar to the way it is done in the Results and the "Racecards".
The Race Number: Abbreviated as "R#" this column identifies the race by it's number. Each number is also a link to the actual race result.
The LBH: This is the calculated Length Behind using the fastest horse as the base. This column is the essence of the LBH tool.
Each race is colour coded as a background colour. This makes it easy to identify what horses were in each race. In this example race 7 and race 8 are shown. Race 8 is a yellowish colour and race 7 has a background colour of light purple.
This is just to show that race 7 is a different background colour to race 8. See above for more information.


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