Login Problems

Here are some possible reasons for not being able to login.

Issue Information Resolution
User Name is too long The User Name has a maximum length of 16. Review your User Name. If it is longer than 16 then simply only use the first 16 characters of it and you should be able to log in.
User Name has spaces If the User Name has spaces in the name then that seems to sometimes cause login problems. If your user name is working, then ignore. Else, request to have it changed.
Incorrect User Name You may have registered with a different User Name. Use the correct User Name / Password combination.
Password is too long The Password has a maximum length of 20. If your password is longer than 20 characters then you will have to do a Password Reset.
Password is case sensitive The Password has to be entered exactly as when you created it during registration. Make sure you type in your password as you entered it. Capitols must be capitols, etc. Also check your Caps Lock key.


Created: 2016-04-16 Revised: 2019-10-28