Example 2: Finding and using formlines

In this method we will be showing you how to use formlines to predict potential winners.

In this example we will be studying the DURBANVILLE race card for 9 March 2013 race number 2 as a starting point but you can start from many different places.

The horse race showing you how to use formlines to predict potential winners

First let’s go and find any formlines. If you are not a Pro user you will have to do this manually. Pro users have a tool to help find formlines.

One way to do this manually is to simply open each grid in the Previous Races section of the race card. I did this and found a few results with reasonable to good formlines. However, the ones that I found worth exploring were two previous results for BIG CAT. Aside from these two results showing excellent formlines, the LBH for was also good (2.35 and 3.50). The LBH isn’t critical but does show that the horse is not running far behind the winner.

Horse race showing a good formline for FOLLOW THE WIND

In this result you can see three winners coming out of this race:

BIG CAT is only a short distant behind all three in this race and is therefore due for a win either in its next race or one or two following races. Being still a maiden it will run in a maiden race so it looks almost a certainty to win.

The earlier to the above result also shows an excellent formline with four horses coming out to win. Not only that, but the winner came out to win again – a strong indicator of a winner coming out of this formline. For the form studier this is very exciting. We are almost certainly going to find a winner.

Horse race showing an excellent formline for NEARTIC DANCER

We have the following horses that are likely to come out and win out of this formline:

Now we exclude CAROLINA'S SURPRISE from our list because this horse consistently runs well below and isn’t showing any promise. But KING O DREAMS, on the other hand, ran below form and had a bad draw in this race. It ran below form again the following race with an apprentice. It then ran second, which, if we had studied this formline prior to that race will have shown up as a potential winner or place. EIGHTH MAN also came second in its next race and is one to watch.

From this card the punter would choose BIG CAT. Note that KING O DREAMS is also running on this day but in race 3 and will be a good choice for a PA.

We made our predictions; now let’s see how the actual results panned out.

Race 2: BIG CAT comes out to win.

Horse BIG CAT comes out to win as predicted by the formline

Race 3: KING O DREAMS wins.

Horse KING O DREAMS comes out to win as predicted by the formline

We hope you learned from this example on how to find winners using the formline method.

Note: This was a very good example as the formlines were really good and some other factors also helped. These horses may have placed rather than win but would not likely have disappointed.

Tip: Use the formline method of study to find winners with high odds and so get a good pay-out.

PS: When the presenters on Tellytrack refer to horses "coming out of a formline", this is what they mean.

Happy studying!


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