Example 3: How a strong formline picks out the winner

Many were surprised that NATIONAL KEY won this race. Everyone, except a true Formgridian who studied the race leading up to this.


NATIONAL KEY had not won in the last 7 races and came 10th and 11th in the last two races.

So how could we have predicted this win?

Let's look at the previous race. Remember, the race shown above would not have been known to anyone yet.

For this demo, we did a Date Shift back to show you what the formline would have looked like.

NATIONAL KEY's previous race showing the strong formline

Now, looking at the previous race you can see the very strong formline (as indicated by the red block). This would be calculated as a 75% formline.

The blue dot shows where the next race grid will be located. This, as we can now predict from this very strong formline will be a green grid indicating NATIONAL KEY coming out a winner!

Notice the use of the Sequence No. on the grid. (See Grid Info above.)

See how it shows that the first (1st) race to come out of this formline with FORM UP is a winner. Then the second (2nd) race with LAURIE'S GOLD is also a winner as is the third (3rd) race with MOVE LIKE JAGGER.

This is one of the best possible formlines. For NATIONAL KEY not to win would have required some kind of disaster.

Happy studying...


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